Board Membership

Board Name: American Nursing Association Leadership Institute
Type of Board: Advisory Board
Position: Member
Elected or Appointed: Appointed
Board qualifications: Years of Leadership Experience, Subject Matter Expert
Board Name: Nurse Leader
Type of Board: Journal Editorial Board
Position: Member
Elected or Appointed: Appointed
Board qualifications: Years of Leadership Experience, Subject Matter Expert 

Previous Board: Palm Healthcare Foundation
Position: Elected
Board qualifications: Trusted

Corner Office Leader

Rose Sherman
The Blake Distinguished Professor of Nursing and Director Nursing Leadership Institute -
Christine E. Lynn College of Nursing (Florida Atlantic University) 

"Currently chair the leadership task force of the Florida Action Coalition on the Future of Nursing. Succession planning is a major focus area. I have also received grant funding from HRSA for a succession-planning project to develop emerging nurse leaders."

Were you in leadership roles in high school?
Yes I was a co-lead in the high school debate team. 

What were some early influences for you?
My parents played a very important influence. My parents were immigrants from Ireland and very poor. They came to the U.S. with nothing. My father worked up to a Chief Financial Officer position. It was all about perseverance. My dad had luck in in his career in the 1950’s. As an immigrant he interviewed and interviewed and finally got a position. His boss and mentor believed that everyone needs an opportunity. In the last four months of his life he contacted his mentor. Mentoring is important! Students at FAU have their first general mentorship.

How has your background as a nurse affected your understanding of leadership?
The first 25 years of my career were spent at the Department of Veterans Affairs (5 medical centers). I began as a staff nurse. The VA believes in strong interdisciplinary teams with nurses in leader roles. Always believed I could lead.

What about feedback you've received about your leadership style over the years?
People feel my leadership is transferable and that a vision is important. People have told me I push them to places they never thought they could go.

What career and life advice do you give to graduating college students?
View a career as a journey. Make decisions about opportunities. If you want to advance feel the fear but do it any way! Everyone will have difficult losses. No one's career is a perfect calm ocean.

Were there any key moments that set you on your current career path?
I never grew up thinking I would be a nurse. I entered college at the University of Florida and then went to law school. I wasn't passionate about it. I was a candy striper in high school. Two aunts, both nurses influenced me. I went over to the UF nursing school and they said, "We need people like you".

What you're not good at and what's your natural skill?
I am not good at most sports. I am not a great athlete. My natural skills are good communication and I am a good writer.

Anything else you would like to share with the readers?
As a leader it is important to stay open-minded. We are experiencing huge transitions in health care. New nurses new bring ideas and visions. The future health care delivery system needs a new generation of nurses. They will bring their own unique talents and ways of being. The "boomers" have not done a great job with our current health care system. Be open-minded and optimistic. The new generation of nurses brings a lot of positives to the future


Interview by Ann-Lynn Denker, PhD, ARNP

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