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Community Engagement Tour


The Florida Center for Nursing is committed to listening to nurses, educators, consumers, business and industry partners, lawmakers, and other health care providers about the issues impacting the nursing workforce and state of health care in Florida.

The Florida Center for Nursing Community Engagement Tour is a series of regional workshops that allow the community to:

  • Review and comment on nursing workforce data and needs specific to their community, and
  • Recommend systemic changes, including strategies for implementation of recommended changes.


Dates and locations of the Florida Center for Nursing Community Engagement Tour are coming soon and will be shared via email and social media. We hope to see you at one of the regional workshops!

Schedule & Locations:
  1. Northwest
  2. North Central
  3. Northeast | July 11, 2024, 3:30pm-5:30pm, University of North Florida | Register
  4. East Central
  5. West Central
  6. Southeast | May 21, 2024, 10am-12pm, Indian River State College 
  7. Southwest
  8. South



Shaping the Future: Becoming Nursing Faculty

This program, initiated by the Florida Center for Nursing (FCN), is a strategic educational venture designed to unravel the intricacies of the nursing faculty role for those aspiring to pursue this vital career path. The program, running from May 2023 to May 2025, encompasses many outreach strategies, learning objectives, and accreditation processes in adherence to Florida Statute 464.0195. The purpose of this continuing education program is to explore the role of nursing faculty for nurses that may be interested in this important career path.

In line with Florida statute 464.0195, the program ambitiously targets goals such as developing recommendations to increase nurse faculty and clinical preceptors, supporting nurse faculty development, promoting advanced nurse education, and piloting innovative projects to bolster the recruitment, development, and retention of qualified nurse faculty and clinical preceptors.

This activity is free to all nurses licensed to practice in the State of Florida! It's an online and asynchronous program so you can participate whenever and wherever you want. To register, click the image or button below or visit flcntr.org/nursefaculty.


Emotional Vaccines

The Florida Center for Nursing is piloting a new wellness program which aims to reduce burnout in the nursing workforce. Emotional Vaccines is a free, easy to use program that promotes self-care. Each week, participants will receive a brief, 2–3-minute video via text message with evidence-based tips and strategies to support their well-being.  The program is is offered at no cost and is open to all nurses and future nurses in the state of Florida.

The pilot program is currently in progress.  Stay tuned for updates about the results and future program offerings.


Prelicensure Professional Networking Program

The Florida Center for Nursing has piloted the Prelicensure Professional Networking Program to address transition shock. This program provides students with a platform for networking and promotes active engagement and a sense of community among students. Immersive experiences can enhance student understanding of complex healthcare organizations. The PPNP offers prelicensure students the opportunity to gain knowledge, confidence, and collaborative skills to navigate and excel within the healthcare system. 


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