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The Florida Center for Nursing is the definitive source for information, research, and strategies addressing the dynamic workforce needs in Florida. Through the Center's exhaustive research on the nursing workforce, Floridians can be assured of an adequate supply of direct care providers to meet their health care needs. The Center is the only entity that provides this depth and breadth of data on RNs, LPNs, and ARNPs in Florida. Without this information, the state would lack the ability to implement strategic solutions for nurse education and demand needs. The Center collects extensive data on nurse supply, demand, and education; here you will find the most recent reports detailing these results.

Nurse Supply

The Center analyzes nurse licensure and workforce survey data to evaluate changes in the state's nurse supply and to identify characteristics of the workforce. Our research has shown that Florida struggles to achieve significant gains in the nurse supply because massive amounts of nurses leave the workforce each year...

Nurse Demand

In an effort to obtain information on demand for nurses in Florida, the Center conducts a survey of nurse employers in six industry groups. All hospitals, psychiatric hospitals, skilled nursing facilities (nursing homes), home health agencies, public health departments, and hospices in Florida are asked about current and...

Nurse Education

Each year, the Center analyzes trends in Florida's nursing education capacity and faculty supply and demand using data from the collaborative Annual Report and Workforce Survey for Nursing Programs conducted by the Florida Center for Nursing and the Florida Board of Nursing. More than 50% of qualified applicants are...

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Additional Nurse Reports

The following reports utilize elements of the Center's primary data sources to provide additional summaries related to Florida nurses.

  • Supply + Education Summaries by Education Level

  PDF File  LPN Educated Nurses: 2018  |  2019 (NEW)
  PDF File  ADN Educated Nurses: 2018  |  2019 (NEW)
  PDF File  BSN Educated Nurses: 2018  |  2019 (NEW)
  PDF File  MSN & Doctoral Nurses: 2018  |  2019 (NEW)

  • Highlights of the 2016 Supply, Demand, and Education Reports (Infographic)
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