Boards and Committees

Board/Committee Name:Florida Board of Nursing
Position: Appointed LPN Board Member

Board/Committee Name: NCLEX Committee Member
National Council of State Boards of Nursing
Position: Elected

Board/Committee Name:          Nursing Council Board Member Rasmussen College of Nursing
Position: Elected

Corner Office Leader

Lisa Renee Johnson
LPN Representative 
Florida Board of Nursing

What factors do you believe have contributed to your success as a nurse leader?
I feel that being an active member in organizations as well as Boards allow for me to fully engage in helping to make a difference. As a leader I'm still learning. I try to observe from others whom I admire and take after them as best I can.

In your opinion, what strengths do you believe you contribute to your voluntary leadership roles?
I consider myself to be a very passionate, driven, and task-oriented person. Those traits are part of what I attribute to the wonderful opportunities that I have been blessed with. I also am a strong believer in taking every learning opportunity that comes your way. The one thing no one can take away from you is knowledge.

Please describe your greatest accomplishment during your tenure in this voluntary leadership role.
That is a tough question because I have two positions that I am so proud of. My Florida Board of Nursing appointment has been an incredible experience and I have learned so much from it. I have met some amazing people who I admire. This Board appointment opened the doors for me to be considered for the NCLEX Committee with NCSBN. My position with NCSBN has opened my eyes to a whole new world on a National level. I have such great respect for that entire organization. They truly have passion for what they do.

Based on your experience, is there any advice that your like to share with aspiring nurse leaders?
The advice I would offer to aspiring nurse leaders would be to get as involved as you can. This involvement does not necessarily have to be at a State or National level but even at your local hospital or area nurses association. I also would stress how important it is to be as informed as possible. Know what your legislation is doing for the nursing profession, what laws are being evaluated, etc. This will not only expand your knowledge base but may also open an opportunity for you to get involved.


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