Boards and Committees

Board/Committee Name: Council on Accreditation of Nurse Anesthesia Educational Programs
Position: Appointed

Board/Committee Name: Florida Association of Colleges of Nursing
Position: Elected

Board/Committee Name:
Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education
Position: Elected

Board/Committee Name: Regional Education Board, Council on Collegiate Education for Nursing
Position: Elected
Board/Committee Name: MD Anderson Cancer Connection
Position: Volunteer

Corner Office Leader

John McFadden
Dean and Professor, Nursing and Health Sciences
Barry University, Miami

What factors do you believe have contributed to your success as a nurse leader?
I have had the good fortune of many strong and thoughtful mentors. These leaders provided me with encouragement and support; they also continue to serve as advisors from time to time.

In your opinion, what strengths do you believe you contribute to your voluntary leadership roles?
I have had the good fortune of serving in a variety of roles - from clinician, to frontline manager, to board member. This has helped me develop both focused and broad perspectives. Being able to see the "bigger picture" is especially helpful when serving in a leadership role that influences policy development.

Please describe your greatest accomplishment during your tenure in this voluntary leadership role.
Each leadership role is different and calls for varying skill sets. One accomplishment that was very satisfying to me personally was leading the national Practice Committee which created an evidence-based process for the review, development, and approval of practice related documents for the American Association of Nurse Anesthetists.

Based on your experience, is there any advice that your like to share with aspiring nurse leaders?
Don't be afraid to get involved! Not only do you gain the opportunity to influence the direction of our profession, but the friendships and relationships will last a lifetime.


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