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Board/Committee Name:  FONE Chair of Government Relations Committee
Position: Presidential Appointment

Board/Committee Name: FIU Frost Art Museum Leadership Advisory Board
Position: Volunteer

Corner Office Leader

Denise H. Harris
Vice President, CNO
West Kendall Baptist Hospital

What factors do you believe have contributed to your success as a nurse leader?
Optimism, perseverance, mentorship and surrounding myself with other great leaders has been key to my success. I focus on problems as opportunities, barriers as challenges to overcome, change as a positive vision of the future that I can influence and always choosing to work with a great team. I'm said to say, "never say never", "don't quit", "we can do this" and "let's have fun while doing it".

In your opinion, what strengths do you believe you contribute to your voluntary leadership role?
A view of health and wellness through Art. It's a connection that we know has evidence behind it (think music therapy, art therapy) and has a potential to make a health impact in many different ways.

Please describe your greatest accomplishment during your tenure in this voluntary leadership role.
We launched a community partnership event where quarterly we bring an art and health series (2 hours) connecting art and health. The first series was on Women's Health and their Body Image and the session was called "Her Body of Art". I moderated a panel of three female professions (a physician, a psychologist and an artist) all of whom spoke to the issue of health, wellness, and body image and the influence of art and media on this important topic. Following the dialogue and brunch, the attendees were given a guided tour of the Art Museum's exhibit of the "Summer of Women", a display of women artists of our current time.

Based on your experience, is there any advice that you would like to share with aspiring nurse leaders?
Seek out a mentor, they can be invaluable. Persevere with kindness, integrity and optimism. Count on things to change and be a part of leading the change. Learn from every experience - it's a journey and throughout there will be good and not so good experiences and you can learn from both!


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