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Board/Committee Name: Patient Advocate Certification Board
Position: Selected for this Board through a rigorous process

Board/Committee Name: South Florida Case Management Board
Position: Appointed

Board/Committee Name: Quota International
Position: Elected

Board/Committee Name: National Nurse Empowerment Institute
Position: Appointed

Corner Office Leader

Anne Llewellyn
40 years of experience as an ICU nurse, case management, risk management, healthcare education and publications and most recently a cancer patient

Were you in leadership roles in high school?
I was the Manager of the Girls Basketball Team for 4 years. In this role we (me and another girl) kept score at all the games. I managed the time clock. We also were leaders for the school in girl’s athletics. It was a fun position!

What were some early influences for you?
Team sports, school spirit, respecting talent, being involved, loyalty and being on time.

How has your background as a nurse affected your understanding of leadership?
Being a nurse has allowed me to be part of a team. Being a nurse has also made me a leader of the team and taking responsibility to ensure that things were done right. I felt like it was my role to advocate for the patient, and their family and to raise red flags when things were wrong.

What about feedback you've received about your leadership style over the years?
That I was inclusive and a connector. I listen to people and am able to take in all viewpoints into consideration. I am loyal and can be depended on.

What career and life advice do you give to graduating college students?
Do what you love. Work hard, be honest and learn from your mistakes and challenges.

What you're not good at and what's your natural skill?
My natural skills are that I am inquisitive, I like people and I like to keep busy. What I am not good at is being dishonest or hurting people. I don’t like routines, but prefer to variety. That is why I liked working in the ED; you never knew what was going to be next. It kept me on my toes. I have gravitated toward this type of work over the years.

What was your first formal management role?
When I graduated from my LPN program, I worked at the hospital that was connected to the nursing school. Most of us in my class were hired and were given a lot of responsibility. After working there for a few years, we were put in charge. I look back on those days and smile….we all had a lot of fun….After I became an RN, I worked in a busy ED and was the charge nurse on 3-11. We had a great team and we all worked together (Nurses and doctors). I learned a lot during those years…..and they helped me progress in my career.


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