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All Floridians deserve access to high quality, patient-centered care. That’s why Florida is part of the Campaign for Action, which is working to help nurses guide health care system improvements. The Florida Action Coalition, a collaboration of diverse stakeholders, is leading changes in nursing and health care delivery that will enable more Floridians to access high quality care at a reasonable cost.

To reach this goal, nurses and other health care professionals have teamed up with executives from health foundations, businesses, universities, and government to advance three areas of focus in Florida nursing: Education, Leadership, and Practice.

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The IOM report has more than 40 recommendations that were condensed into 8 primary recommendations for advancing nursing in the US. These, in turn, have been assigned to one of three focus areas / pillars by the Future of Nursing. The FL-AC has prioritized these recommendations and adapted them to meet Florida’s needs.

Currently, three areas have been highlighted: Education, Leadership, and Practice. Each of these areas has an Action Team led by representatives of the FL-AC Steering Committee that is working on developing specific goals and objectives, and implementing activities to achieve the desired outcomes.

Additionally, the Florida Center for Nursing was awarded a Statewide Implementation Grant (SIP) from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, focusing on Promoting Nurse Leadership in the State of Florida.

View Florida’s progress toward the IOM Recommendations Benchmarks.


Mary Lou Brunell
Executive Director
Florida Center for Nursing


Susan Towler
Vice President
Florida Blue Foundation
Velma Monteiro-Tribble
Director, Grants and Programs
Florida Blue Foundation
Jacksonville, Florida


Andrea Russell
Associate Director of
Research Programs and
Florida Action Coalition

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