Recognition of Donors

Special thanks, appreciation, and recognition to the Florida Blue Foundation. Their funding contributions and the partnership of Susan Towler, Vice President, Velma Monteiro-Tribble, Director Grants & Programs, and their team have contributed significantly to the success of the Center and the Florida Action Coalition.

FCN Staff and Board Members truly appreciate everyone’s support and are honored to announce that during 2015 we have received nearly $35,000 in individual donations from nurses, professional organizations, and health industry partners. Thank you!

It is through supportive donations such as these that the Center will be able to sustain its mission and continue to serve as your source for information, research, and strategies addressing Florida's nurse workforce needs.

The Center would like to extend our deep gratitude to all for their generous donations in support of our effort to Address Nurse Workforce Issues for the Health of Florida. Listed below are those 2015 individuals and organizations who represent particularly high donors:

Thank you to the following donors!

   Sarah Zizzo-Hill      Mary Lou Brunell      Jeanie Cimiotti                
     Joann Greene    Edna Hemmings      Becky Montesino-King
  Rebeca Franco    Malcom Ferguson    Maureen Scott
     Sylvia Stock    Harold Oster      Susan Rasche
     Becky Tomaselli    Holly Stubblefield      Alexander Istomin, MD
   Vicki Sumagpang    Janice Adams      Richard Chambers
   Kimberly Pittman      Linda Everts      Terri Blessing
   Gale Danek    Margaret Kruger      Joan Quinn
   Margaret Devane       Debbie Harkness-Curry      Cynthia Morrison
   Sharon Ferralls    Shirley Gordon
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