How your donations help the FCN

The Florida Center for Nursing (FCN) was funded by the state when first established in statute in 2001 until Florida’s economic challenges resulted in budget cuts, including that of the Center. Since the Florida Center for Nursing does not currently receive funding from the State of Florida, we rely on grants and donations to continue our work

Our Board of Directors is strategically approaching the 2020 Legislative session in pursuit of re-instatement of state funding for the Center.  However, we are in need of assistance to continue operations until the new funds are available in July 2020.

FCN is the definitive source for information, research, and strategies addressing the dynamic nurse workforce needs in Florida. The Center continues to lead the way in addressing Florida's nursing shortage. Your gift can go a long way in helping us report on the nursing workforce and improve the work environment for nurses in Florida. 

Your generous, tax deductible donations truly make our work possible! 

Donations can be made Online or a printable Contribution Form can be downloaded if you prefer to mail in your donation.

Your donations support...

  • Surveys and Reports: The Center complies with statutory mandates for annual education program analyses, including NCLEX passage rates, and biennial analysis and maintenance of a nurse supply database. Reports are also made available at the regional level, when possible. Nurses, Education Programs, and Nurse Employers are surveyed to ensure the most up-to-date information is available for analysis. Reports and data are publicly available on our website for stakeholders.
  • Testimony and Presentations: Staff provide testimony, on request, before the Florida Legislature and give presentations each year at national, state and regional/local forums.
  • Florida Action Coalition: Volunteer members of our flagship program – the Florida Action Coalition - work to implement the recommendations of the Institute of Medicine's (IOM) landmark report the Future of Nursing: Leading Change, Advancing Health through regional team efforts.
    • In addition to regional team projects, the statewide Board Service Initiative (BSI) provides knowledge and training to prepare nurses to achieve membership on policy setting boards so as to influence health policy decision making.  As a result of the BSI, we have 43 highly qualified nurse leaders sitting on policy making boards.
    • The Florida Action Coalition also contributes to:
      • Advancing nursing education with the support of the community, academics, and nurse employers​
      • Maintaining a Diversity Council, to support diversity in the nursing workforce and nurse leadership
      • Partnering with other nursing organizations to speak with one voice on modernizing scope of practice for nurses
      • Improving leadership capabilities among Florida’s nurses, and recognizing nurse leaders


Through your donations, the Center is able to not only produce the most accurate data on Florida's nursing workforce but also demonstrate the impact of the shortage on our state.

FCN is housed in the College of Health Professions and Sciences at the University of Central Florida
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