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The Florida Center for Nursing is the definitive source for information, research, and strategies addressing the dynamic nurse workforce needs in Florida. To achieve this vision and meet the Center's legislative mandate, the Center identifies key strategies for addressing the state's nursing shortage. Earlier versions of reports can be obtained by Contacting the FCN.



Title: Call to Action: Addressing Healthcare Workforce Shortages
Date: April 2019

Florida Center for Nursing partnered with the Florida Chamber Foundation and community stakeholders to publish a call to action addressing healthcare workforce shortages. This Call to Action states that: "It is essential that the state of Florida commits to ensure an adequate, qualified, engaged, and resilient workforce to meet Florida’s healthcare needs today and in the future with the goal for optimal health and wellness. Addressing the four facets of this goal will improve access to quality care, improve optimum care outcomes and reduce the cost of healthcare delivery." and provides suggested avenues to address this core value statement.


Title: Florida Nursing Statewide Strategic Plan – 2017
Author: The Florida Center for Nursing
As stipulated in Florida statute (464.0195), the FCN is pleased to provide this statewide strategic plan citing issues, offering solutions, and recommending action steps to address nurse manpower issues in our state.

Title: Strategies to Successfully Provide Floridians an Adequate, Qualified Nurse Workforce 
Author: The Florida Center for Nursing
In order to address nurse supply and demand for the future, the Florida Center for Nursing Board of Directors has identified four primary areas in need of action: (1) education, (2) work environment, (3) research, and (4) policy.

Title: Strategies for Success
Date: 12/15/2007
Author: The Florida Center for Nursing
The FCN Board has identified three critical issues as essential to successfully resolve the nursing shortage. Presented in Addressing the Nursing Shortage in Florida: Strategies for Success are the key stakeholder activities recommended to address each issue --- Read Policy Agenda

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