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Through comprehensive research on nurse supply, demand, and education, the Center continues to identify trends, evaluate regional outcomes, and maximize the utilization of scarce resources. Resolving Florida's nursing shortage will require a multi-pronged approach, including interventions to increase the production of new nurses, improve the work environment to retain existing nurses, and redesign work to accommodate the older nurse.

There are significant economic benefits associated with resolving Florida's nursing shortage. The combined cost of annual turnover for RNs and LPNs was estimated at over $1.4 billion in fiscal year 2006-2007. Additionally, ensuring an adequate nurse workforce is a critical aspect of building a competitive healthcare infrastructure, which is essential for recruiting bio-tech and life sciences companies to Florida. Earlier versions of reports can be obtained by Contacting the FCN.

Title: What Role do Advance Registered Nurse Practitioners have in Meeting Florida's Health Needs and Contributing to its Economy?
Date:  November 14, 2016
Author:  Dr. Lynn Unruh, PhD, RN or the Florida Action Coalition
This study analyzed the impacts of more fully utilizing Advanced Registered Nurse Practitioners (ARNP) in the provision of health care in Florida, not only on access to healthcare, but also on the economy through jobs and increased spending.

Read the brief report which summarizes the findings with an emphasis on the study implications.

Read the full technical report which provides empirical findings that can be used by policymakers, legislators and thought leaders in healthcare.


Title: The Economic Impact of Florida's Nursing Workforce
Date:  April 2013
Author: The Florida Center for Nursing 
Updated estimates of the economic impact to Florida of filling vacant nurse positions, cost of turnover, and state and local tax revenues related to the projected nursing shortage.

Title: The Florida Nursing Shortage
Date: 03/22/2011
Author: The Florida Center for Nursing
A summary of FCN's newest research on nursing supply, demand and education; and the forecasted nursing shortage through 2025
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