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The Statewide Implementation Program (SIP) Grant aims to address Institute of Medicine (IOM) recommendation 7 – prepare and enable nurses to lead change to advance health. A SIP Grant was first awarded to the Florida Center for Nursing in 2013 in order to conduct an initial statewide survey of nurse leaders. The first of its kind, this survey revealed some of the major issues related to nurse leadership in the state including an aging nurse leader population, lack of sufficient succession planning in place to replace nurse leaders, and a lack of diversity among nurse leaders to match the highly diverse population in Florida.

In 2015 the Florida Center for Nursing was awarded a second round of SIP Grant Funding with a major goal of creating a pool of diverse nurses prepared to serve in leadership positions. Additionally, more resources are being developed in order to assist nurses who are interested in taking on leadership positions.

SIP 2015-2017 Goals

#1: Establish a targeted leader development program and enhanced resources to perpetuate an inclusive pool of qualified nurse leaders.

#2: Strengthen the infrastructure and collaborative partnerships of the Florida Action Coalition.

#3: Increase the diversity of nurse leaders in Florida.

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