Professional Board Training

The Florida Action Coalition is grateful to the Florida Blue Foundation for sponsoring the 2016-18 Board Service Initiative for Emerging Nurse Leaders. More than ever, boards need strong, strategic contributors who can speak to the health needs of their communities. Highly qualified nurses were selected to participate in a three month course led by a BoardSource consultant. The Board Service class participants are taught the responsibilities as stewards of organizational board membership as well as the principles of governance that power exceptional boards. Nurses are by the nature of their work continuous learners, adaptive to change, results oriented, have the highest integrity, and are constructive partners. These members are preparing to serve on a policy making board, committee or task force in Florida. 

Meet our Board Certified Nurses!

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Board Service Graduates

Looking for qualified Health Policy Board Members? Email your Health Policy Board info to or browse our list of available graduates!

Our Board Service graduates are professionals selected for this certificate program for their exceptional leadership skills and tools, and who are ready to serve on a board!

Training Skills Acquired

  • Board Roles and Responsibility
  • Legal and Financial issues
  • Identification, Recruitment, & Orientation of Board Members
  • Board Staff Relations
  • Board Meetings and Use of Committees
  • Board Fundraising Roles
  • Board Member Motivation, Responsibilities, and Accountability
  • Competing Governance Models
  • Governance Trends

Board Definition

For the purposes of the SIP3 project and to be in compliance when reporting Florida data to the national Campaign for Action, the operational definition of boards by the RWJF State Implementation Program Award: Promoting Nurses as Leaders in Florida to Advance Nursing and Health Policy will be used.

A “board” refers to a body of elected or appointed members who manage and advise the affairs of an institution, organization or consumer group and participate in setting or recommending policy for said group. As a member of a board, the nurse is acting as a representative of the profession of nursing and incorporates the unique expertise of nurses into the decision making process. For the purposes of this project the term “board” will be broadly defined to include bodies within the private, not for profit, public, for profit, and government sectors including advisory bodies, task forces, and informal committees that influence and make recommendations regarding nursing and health policy.

Examples of boards to be counted:
  • Corporate/industry boards
  • Insurance company boards
  • Hospital or health system boards
  • Philanthropic boards
  • President, governor, mayor, or legislature appointed advisory boards, commissions, task forces, or positions
  • Citizen-elected boards (e.g. school boards)
  • Non-profit, non-nursing boards
  • Nursing association boards
  • Governor appointed state boards of nursing

Smart boards make a greater impact on the health of Floridians... 

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