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Board/Committee Name: Nursing Consortium of South Florida Board
Position: Member

Corner Office Leader

Marlaine Smith

Were you in leadership roles in high school?
Yes, I had several leadership roles: I was the Editor of the Yearbook, President of Student Council, and co-head majorette.

What were some early influences for you?
My parents were strong influences. They both valued education and hard work. I am a first generation college graduate, a child of second generation Italian immigrants. My parents gave me strong values of caring for others, social justice, supporting family, and being disciplined. My Catholic faith was a strong influence. I developed a strong internal moral compass.

What about feedback you've received about your leadership style over the years?
I think people say that I am calm and centered, fair…that I listen well…that I’m very good at leading from behind and that I’m a servant leader. I think people see me as authentic.

What career and life advice do you give to graduating college students?
Follow your bliss. Find what you love to do and do it. If you do this, you’ll find your life’s work and not a job. Stand in the center of your truth…be honest and live with integrity. Treat others with loving kindness. We are on this planet for the purpose of sharing our love with others.

What you're not good at and what's your natural skill?
I’m a natural introvert so I’m shy and don’t love speaking in front of large groups although I have to do it. I’m very good at listening, analyzing, and synthesizing information in the process of decision-making. I’m intuitive, can read people well and am sensitive to others’ feelings.

How has your background as a nurse affected your understanding of leadership?
Relationship is foundational to the discipline and practice of nursing. Leadership is all about building and maintaining relationships. It is about good communication ie listening to others, speaking one’s own truth, being ethical, dependable, trustworthy….these are skills that are important in nursing. As a nurse I learned the importance of respect for others, honoring personhood, preserving dignity and living caring values such as: honesty, humility, courage, knowing others, patience and trust. Being centered, mindful and calm is essential to good leadership. Nurses know how to get things done; they are resourceful and savvy about advocating for their patient within complex systems….Those skills in my background have served me well as a leader.


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