Boards and Committees

Board/Committee Name: Florida Nurses Association (FNA)
Position: President - Elected

Board/Committee Name: HASTEN International
Position: Appointed

Board/Committee Name: SOS Dragon Boat Team
Position: Secretary - Elected

Corner Office Leader

Leah Kinnaird
Kinnaird Healthcare Consulting, LLC

What factors do you believe have contributed to your success as a nurse leader?
Mentored by a prominent nationally recognized nurse leader. Continued education, completed doctorate degree in 1987, which has had a dramatic impact on leadership skills. Experience giving presentations to hospital boards. Assessment of work complexity of almost all types of nursing units and learning directly from clinical staff members. Participation in FNA.

In your opinion, what strengths do you believe you contribute to your voluntary leadership role?
Careful listening, clarity of communication, with both an analytical and creative style. Conflict management skills and diplomacy are helpful when dealing with diverse opinions.

Please describe your greatest accomplishment during your tenure in this voluntary leadership role.

Based on your experience, is there any advice that you would like to share with aspiring nurse leaders?
Seek opportunities to be involved and don't wait to be selected, but instead volunteer. Keep in mind that all nurse leaders were at one time novices in their roles. Continue to stay ahead of trends by reading, studying, and when possible being involved in formal educational certifications and/or degrees.

Are you willing to serve as a mentor to aspiring nurse leaders?
Yes. Preferred e-mail address:


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