National/Community Boards and Committees

Board/Committee Name: Coconut Grove City Council
Position: Elected Member
Dates: November 2009- Present

Board/Committee Name: Miami Downtown Bay Forum
Position: Board Member
Dates: 1996 - Present

Board/Committee Name: Junior League of Miami (JLM) Sustainer
Position: Member
Dates: Present

Board/Committee Name: Leadership Miami
Position: Member
Dates: 1997 - Present

Board/Committee Name: Advisory Committee Miami-Dade College Ethics Foundation
Position: Chairman
Dates: 2000 – Present

Board/Committee Name: Foster Care Review Panel of Miami-Dade
Position: Member
Dates: 2011 - Present

Corner Office Leader

Kate Callahan
The Huntington Consulting Group - Miami, FL
Partner/Co-owner- Consultant: Strategy development, management consulting, staff education and training

Professional Memberships
American Nurses’ Association (ANA)
Florida Nurses’ Association (FNA) Member of transition Team
Florida Bioethics Network (FBN)
International Women’s Forum (IWF) Secretary – 2010-2013

Were you in leadership roles as a kid?
My mother was an only child and she had 8 children. I was the “leader” and raised the kids. I was the oldest girl. When I was in the eighth grade I ran for office and was elected to the student council. I was also the captain of girl’s basketball team.

What were some early influences for you?
My Aunt Helen who was 52 years old when I was born, was an early influence. She would take the girls to museum and other activities. She seemed younger than my Mom and worked for a Senator. She was a role model and dressed in great style. She was a leader in the church and among her friends. She traveled and made an impression on me.

How has your background as a nurse affected your understanding of leadership?
This quote from Martin Luther King, Jr. reflects how my background in nursing has affected my understanding of leadership: "An individual has not started living until he/she can rise above the narrow confines of their individualistic concerns to the broader concerns of all humanity." MLK (1929-1968) I examine my consciousness every day, before bed and when I awaken. This is the “nursing process” every day.

What about feedback you've received about your leadership style over the years?
Much of the feedback has been nonverbal in nature. The feedback has been in the form of invitations to join boards, positive feedback. I have received positive feedback regarding my work in ethics and teaching.

What career and life advice do you give to graduating college students?
I communicate to students that “character is destiny”. You must build your character daily. Be mindful daily. Mindful activities are building blocks of character. In addition I share that “communication” is meant to clarify, not to confuse.

Did you have an idea of what you wanted to do for a career before you went to college?
My Mom influenced me to become a nurse by the age of four years. I didn’t really know what I wanted to be…I had to be a nurse!

And what was your first formal management role?
As an Associate degree graduate in the late 1970’s I managed a clinical trial study concerning herpes. I did have difficulty with credibility. But that was the beginning of engaging in nursing leadership, along career as a nurse leader.

What you’re not good at and what’s your natural skill?
I am good with “intuition”. I have a natural skill for communicating, writing, listening and speaking. These are some of my strengths. I am challenged by mathematics!


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