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The major recommendation within the Future of Nursing report addressed by the Practice Action Team is Recommendation 1: remove scope-of-practice barriers.

An initial interest of the Practice Action Team is to educate health providers, elected leadership, coalition stakeholders and the public about the practice of nursing and the many roles of nurses.  It is imperative that physicians, nurses and other health professionals work together to successfully accomplish coordinated care that is effective and efficient. 

Improving the understanding of the diverse roles of health providers is a necessary step to achieving true collaborative care delivery.  Specific to the legal/regulatory limits on practice in Florida and past efforts to resolve them, the Practice Action Team will work to convene relevant parties with the goal of achieving appropriate resolution.

The Practice Action Team has identified two strategic work groups to achieve the outlined goals:

Institution Work Group: This work group will conduct a survey of acute, primary, and long term care institutions in Florida regarding nurses' scope of practice. The ultimate goal will be to use the data collected to help educational institutions by identifying strengths and limitations in current practices for nurses to practice to their full potential.

Legislative Work Group: The Legislative Work Group intends on working in conjunction with other groups addressing legislative and regulatory issues, utilizing the unique stakeholders involved with the Florida Action Coalition to be positioned for maximum effectiveness.

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