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The FL-AC emphasizes the importance of diversity in the nursing workforce and nurse leadership, reflective of the diversity of the population of the state of Florida. Diversity is embedded into the goals of each action coalition, and is a main component of the Statewide Implementation Grant.

The FL-AC also maintains a Diversity Council, which serves in an advisory capacity to the coalition.

In 2014, in an effort to solidify diversity efforts in the state, the FL-AC convened its first "Diversity Think Tank", including members from various diverse nurse groups throughout the state. As a result of this think tank, the FL-AC is currently working on developing and adopting action steps to address a lack of diversity in nurse leadership.

Diversity Council

The Diversity Council serves as an advisory committee, representing diverse nursing organizations and groups throughout Florida. The Diversity Committee was formed as part of the SIP Grant, and initially served as advisory to the SIP team in development and testing of the SIP survey. Since then, membership and responsibility of the Council has expanded to advise the various action teams of the FL-AC.

Carol Neil, PhD, RN 
Professor of Nursing
Florida State College 
Jacksonville, Florida
Diversity Council Co-Lead

Linda Joyce Washington-Brown, Ph.D., EJD, APRN, MSN, CNS, LHCRM, FAANP

Broward College, retired

Diversity Council Co-Lead

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